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Service-Commodity Goods Continuum

Welcome to Friensider’s News and Updates.  Bookmark this page and check back frequently to stay up-to-date with important and useful information related to Friensider LLC as it evolves into a power player in social media.  We will use this News & Updates platform to bring the public up-to-date on what going on with the company in general.  Our Members and Partners will have secure access to detailed company information in our members access area.  Get Involved and Become a Friensider.

Become a Friensider

Did someone say you offer Profit Sharing!?

Yes that’s right!   We need your help to bring the Friensider App to the masses and what better way than to incentivize it.  Working with the Friensider premise we want you to be an exclusive member of our network and all that it has to offer.

Our New Offices

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona our office is strategically located in the heart of the High-Tech corridor in Scottsdale.  We are nestled near, Indeed, and Intuit just to name a few.

Thanks to the team for making this happen.  This is the new home of our business and development teams.  Oorah!

Intellectual Property - What is it!?

Since its inception Friensider LLC has been dedicated to protecting its intellectual property. We have chosen this path to make sure our brand and technology are strong today and for the future.

Friensider Startup

Friensider Startup: The Beginnings

Friensider is a startup that focuses on friend and family relationships to create environments where people are connected and share.

Business partners Martin and Chris built their business on open, connected relationships to family and friends using social media as their platform.  Their unique perspective on this dynamic has brought them to a build-up of an epic business startup.