Who are you and what do you do?

We are first and foremost a group of friends looking to develop an application that brings friends and family together.  So you ask what does that mean?  My answer would be to become a member and join us on this journey to see where it leads..

Our backgrounds are varied including current and former employees from Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Godaddy, Oracle, Intel, and Motorola. We have an excellent leadership team that is second to none and they will guide this company to the path of success.

Why are you offering this Founding Membership program?

To be honest, to put our talent and money where are mouth is.  Why not reach out to the group of people that will be using the product and gather their inputs.  Along the way as the company becomes successful, allow the people that are there in the beginning to share in the success as well. We are literally working the Friensider proposition into our development plan.  So why not?

What is the Friensider App?

We cannot give you all the details of the app at this point as the app is a work in progress and we will only be sharing its final and Live structure with our dedicated group of members.  So if you would like more details sign up to be a member and be part of our process.

Is this app protected by Intelluctual Property law?

Umm yeah!

We have provisional patents pending on several processes as will as trademarks for Friensider.

Are you offering this app and program world wide?

Yes, the Friensider App will be available to the entire world initially in 23 languages.  Once the Friensider App goes Live family and friends from around the world will be able to participate in all that it has to offer.

Unfortunately due to logistics we will not able to offer the Founding Member program to everyone.  Only to residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  We have also set a hard limit to the number of Founding Members to be available at 20,000 members.  We would love for everyone to participate but we do have to set limits on resources.

Why is the membership $150 and what do I get?

The membership was set to allow people serious about participating a chance to sign up.  Given the perks that are being offered, we found this to be in line with our requirements for bringing the Friensider App to market.  Remember we are also offering Annual Profit Sharing.

Shortly after signing up you will receive a Membership Kit.  This kit will contain your membership agreement and all the details related to the program.  Please hold on to this kit and member identification as you will need it to redeem additional perks and services to be announced later.

Why become a Friensider member?

Getting the public involved in our development cycle is a creative and innovative way to get input directly from the end user.  This cuts down on development costs and bring our product to market faster since the end user is directly involved.

What do I get out of being a Friensider?

Among with satisfaction and pride that you are part of something really great!  To be on the ground floor of an application that could be substantial in the social media world.  And it does hurt that we let you share in the success with Profit Sharing. See our How It Works page.

How is the Profit Sharing calculated and when do I get paid?

Annual Profit Sharing will be paid 1x per year on or about October 31 of every year. As a Founding Member you will receive Annual Profit Sharing payout as a group of Founding Members ranging from 5% to 10% of Annual Profit.

Annual Profit will be calculated as ((12-month Total Revenue – Operating Expenses) x 5% to 10%) / All Founding Members. Annual Profit Sharing WILL BE restricted to “Founding Members Only”.

PayPal account is REQUIRED to receive Annual Profit Sharing payout disbursements.

Why do you require my PayPal account email address?

PayPal account is REQUIRED to receive Annual Profit Sharing payout disbursements.  We found that electronic payouts using PayPal are easier to manage than traditional payment methods.

There is a $25 charge per payment to receive a disbursement via written check.

What will Founding Member be required to do?

All participation with Friensider WILL BE VOLUNTARY.

Basically be part of the development process.  You can volunteer for focus groups that will evaluate, test, and optimize Friensider services and programs.  Founding Members can also solicit ideas for new or add-on services to the application in which you will also be compensated for it.

What happens if the company structure or ownership changes?

In the event of a company structure change or change of ownership, you will also be part of that process.  For example if the company were to change hands you will be given the opportunity to stay with the company as a Founding Member or resign as a Founding Member and take your Annual Profit Share as it is calculated at that point.

When will the Friensider App be Live to market?

Our expected roadmap timeframe to have the app Live is 07/18.  We have made commitments to popular vendors to have the Friensider App ready to go in the second quarter of 2018.

Will the Friensider App be a paid application?

Initially we are having members pay to offset the development costs of the app but these paid member are core to our success so we are offering Founding Member annual Profit Sharing for Life.  This helps us market and test and it helps our members get directly involved in the development process.

Going forward the application will be free to everyone but they will NOT be receiving a Profit Sharing incentive.  But that could change on the incentive side…

Will you be offering Founding Memberships in the future?

NO, this is a one-time opportunity to help promote the Friensider App and provide us with feedback and support.

Will Founding Members be able own portions of the company?

Not sure at this point but the options are open 😉

Where do you see the company going?

As with any company we want to be Number #1 in our world. On the financial side of things anything is possible and our Founding Members will be along for the ride as well.

How long will it take for the company to be profitable?

Hard to say.  As long as we keep our commitments and deadlines.  We should be profitable immediately by the end of the 2nd quarter 2018.  Again we must meet our deadlines and I think our Founding Member can help us get there.

Any Questions ?

We’ve put together a list of useful information which will help answer common questions often asked by our members.  Please reach out to us if your question is not listed.

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