Friensider is a startup that focuses on friend and family relationships to create environments where people are connected and share.

Friensider uses friends and family connections to provide unique opportunities that are available both on and off the web.  Friensider is a collaboration of professionals from Intel, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, HP, Godaddy, and many other technology companies.  We wanted to create a community where everyone can share and take advantage of the same opportunities.  We focus on a single driving principle: access and diversity should be available to all.

Our Company

Friensider from the beginning has always been a people company with technology at heart. Our idea and development teams, are responsible for the the new concepts and products, our friensider relations team is responsible for bring everyone together, while our leadship team is the heart beat and the engine of the company.

By joining Friensider as a founding member you are helping us build and optimized the app. And providing valuable feedback for the apps growth and development. We want to make sure everyone is having fun and is sharing in the success!

Why become a Friensider?

Simplifying how people connect to create endless possibilities.

Become one of an exclusive group of people that will help us bring the Friensider App to the masses!  By help us, we want to reward you in more ways than one.

Annual Profit Sharing will be one of the many benefits you will receive as a Founding Member.

Founding members can voluntarily participate in our development process.  We will ask members to evaluate new services and/or provide input to create and improve new and existing services.

Exclusive Benefits

Enjoy the feeling of being part of something really great.  With our membership program you are totally involved in our process and our success!

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