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Facebook Stock Tops $200 a Share. Okay, not quite. But they’ll hit that number in 2018, up from just $28.12 when they went public. Close your eyes for a moment and visualize what your life would look like if you’d been involved in a revolutionary start-up from the very beginning. We’ll wait.

Bet that life looked pretty amazing, huh? Well, it’s never too late to turn those dreams into reality. How many times have you seen the potential in a business or new technology and done nothing? Today is the day you change that. Today, you’ll follow your instincts and buy into your future by becoming a Founding Member of Friensider.

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This Is Your Future

Imagine if you could’ve been on the ground floor of startups like Instagram and Snapchat. What would YOUR LIFE look like today?

We’re not asking for a big monetary commitment or alot of your time. We’re really after your expertise and your connections. You may not realize that your experience with social media and your huge network of family and friends have a tangible value. They really do. That’s why we need you as a partner. You’ll have the opportunity to join focus groups, voice your opinion, and become an integral part of the developmental phase. Friensider will be yours as much as it is ours, which is why we’ll pay back your hard work with a profit-sharing pay-out of 5-10% annually once the app is fully optimized.

So, what’s the catch? Well, we can’t extend this opportunity to everyone, so you don’t have much time. Membership is limited, and you’ll have to act fast to secure a position as a Founding Friensider. This is going to be the hottest new thing in social media and a hell of a lot of fun. Don’t miss out – join now!

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Friensider Benefits

  • Your One-time fee grants you access to the Friensider network as a Founding Member.  As a Founding Member you will be part of our development process.  Learn more..
  • As a Founding Member you can help us get to market and promote the Friensider App.
  • As a Founding Member you will received incentives and annual payouts! The founding members as group will receive 5% to 10% of the company’s profit as an annual payout.*
  • All Founding Members are eligible for additional incentives as they become available.

We will be releasing the details of our official membership offer once we get everyone on board but the opportunities that are available as a Founding Member are rather unique and profitable.  We need your input and help to create the most exciting  Friensider network on the internet.  Take a chance to be part of our success!

* Annual Profit Sharing will be paid 1x per year on or about December 31 of every year.  Annual Profit will be calculated as 12-month Total Revenue – Operating Expenses. Annual Profit Sharing WILL BE restricted to “Founding Members Only”.

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The Friensider App brings exclusive deals and opportunities to its members. Learn how you can be part of this wonderful marketplace.

Take advantage of a special offer from the Friensider App. As a founding member you will receive special offers, incentives, and rewards. When you take advantage of this offer and become a Founding Member, you can experience the many benefits of Membership.



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